April 1, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


The POSTMASTER GENERAL (Hon. Sir Wm. Mulock) :

1. Generally speaking no agricultural lands are being sold, such lands at the disposal of the department being now held for homestead entry by actual settlers. In exceptional cases, however, where a settler is not entitled to homestead, or where he has missed the right of second entry by a technicality or a few days shortage in residence, or where first homestead is of such poor quality that he cannot make a living on it, land is sold to him subject to homestead conditions.
2. The regulations fix the price of coal at $7 (bituminous) per acre ; and $17 (anthracite); minerals (other than coal) $1 per acre; and surface rights on coal and farming lands $3 per acre. The regulations governing the disposal of Dominion lands give the Minister of the Interior authority under certain conditions to dispose of lands at not less than the minimum price of $1 per acre.
3. The Minister of the Interior.
4. $3.60 per acre.
5. Since 1st July, 1902, no blocks of 10,000 acres or over have been sold. An

agreement, however, has been entered into with the Canadian North-west Irrigation Company by which, upon their fulfilling certain irrigation conditions, they will have permission to purchase a block of 500,000 acres. Price $3 per acre subject to a rebate for expenditure in irrigation not exceeding $2 per acre. The land is situated south-east of Lethbridge in the semi-arid district.

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