March 22, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


William Daum Euler

Laurier Liberal


Does not section 2, which states that the Act shall be considered as one with the War-Time Elections Act, particularly call into operation that part of the War-Time Elections Act which disfranchises citizens of alien enemy birth naturalized within the last fifteen years? If so, are not the wives of those disfranchised citizens thus also disfranchised? The point I should like to make-in this one should have the sympathy of every member of the House, notwithstanding what took place at the last election-is that under this Act, with the Conscription Bill in force, the mothers of men who are fighting at the front in the Canadian army may be disfranchised. Under the Wartime Elections Act it was provided that even, those who' were of alien enemy birth should hot 'be disifranehised if they had a son ,at the front. I think it was provided! that the son should not be of age at the time of the election, but I am not sure about that. Under this Act, unless it is amended, it is quite possible that those who have been called to the colours under the provisions of the Military Service Act may find that their mothers, although good Canadian citizens, will be disfranchised because they happen to be of alien enemy birth.

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