March 22, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Edgar Nelson Rhodes (Speaker of the House of Commons)



I call to the attention of the House, that if ' the mover of the resolution exercises his right to close the debate, it will not be competent for any. other hon. member to speak.
Mr. HENRY E. LAVIGUEUR (Quebec County): Mr. Speaker, I have heard the hon. Minister of Trade and Commerce, and also the Minister of Marine, state that everything would be done to provide for a freight steamer service for the south and north shores of the St. Lawrence. Some weeks ago resolutions were passed by the Quebec Board of Trade and the City Council of Quebec requesting the Goverqment to provide for a service for the north shore and for Seven islands. It is of my personal knowledge that no service at all has been given on the north shore to Seven islands although there are large industries -there which have had to- close down, and some interested people from (Seven islands are now on their way to Quebec to organize a delegation of the Quebec Board of Trade and City Council to wait upon the Government to ask if a reasonable service can be given- Thousands of pounds of fish which were all ready to ship to Montreal and Quebec last fall were left over as there was no transportation. I am pleased to know that the matter will have the serious consideration of the Government in order that these deserving people may have proper facilities to carry on their industry.

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