September 17, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


George Henry Bradbury

Conservative (1867-1942)


I do not think so. The incorporators are: Major-General John
Hughes, Major-General Henry N. Ruttan, Captain Sir Hugh John Macdonald, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Daniel Hunter McMillan, Judge David Marr Walker, Lieutenants -Colonel George Frederick Carruthers, ,T. Hilliard Leech, K.C., Major George F. R. Harris, Judge George Patterson, Lieutenant William Allen Shepard, and a number of others. The objects of the Bill are: To unite fraternally all . persons who have served as soldiers or sailors under the British flag, and are entitled to become members under the constitution and bylaws of the association, into a body of retired soldier and sailor veterans of a nonpartisan and non-sectarian character, for purposes of good-fellowship, mutual improvement and assistance, and patriotic endeavour and service to the Empire;
To increase the public influence of veterans by organization, by parades and by giving as an entity expressions of opinion upon public questions affecting the rights of veterans or concerning the welfare of the whole or any part of the Empire;
To stimulate the spirit of patriotism in Canada and to promote, on sound and enduring principles of equality of rights, a Greater Britain, by a closer unity and coordination of the Overseas Dominions with the Mother Country;
To assist the Empire when occasion requires in enlisting recruits for His Majesty's forces;
To acquire, maintain and operate clubs, homes, and meeting places for the benefit of veterans, and to furnish, stock and equip the same with such furniture, furnishings, plant, animals, implements, equipment appliances, libraries, and means of entertain-374
inent and amusement, as may by the association be considered desirable.

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