September 13, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Charles Avila Wilson


Mr. WILSON (Laval) (translation):

And young judges too.
Mr. -LAlNIOTOT (translation): And young judges too, -as my hon friend from Laval -aptly remarks.. Those judges, having be-co-me disabled, -claim pensions, I have taken the trouble, ,M-r. Chairman, of calculating the amount already paid and probably payable by this country to the hon. Minister of Justice (Mr. Doherty). This gentleman, because he has occupied a -seat on, the judicial Bench in Montreal for fifteen years, will probably cost the country $400,000. .
The -CHAIRMAN (Mr. Rainville) (translation) : I would point o-ut to -the hon. member that the Committee is n-ow invited to discuss -an item -concerning -some increases in the salaries of th-e employees of the Justice Department. I would ask him

to limit his remarks, as much as possible, to the special item of the estimates now *under discussion.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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