September 7, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


William Wright

Conservative (1867-1942)


The other evening when the Minister Agriculture introduced this Bill, I suggested that it should be turned over to the Agricultural Committee for consideration. I believe to-day the suggestion was a wise one, and I understand the Bill was fully threshed out before that committee-unfortunately I was unable to be present. The live stock interests in this country are to-day so great that they deserve and should receive every attention from the Government. The Bill as introduced by the minister is in the right direction. The hon. member for Edmonton (Mr. Oliver) asks that sections 3 and 4 should be struck out. I would draw his attention to one fact;-had this Bill been in force, I believe it would have been unnecessary to -say what I am about to say. That exchange is to-day financially bankrupt and is appealing for funds. Had this Bill been in force, had the department been able to exercise their rights, this would not have happened. Whilst hon. gentlemen opposite have every right to criticise and it is their province to criticise, I think they should withdraw all opposition to this Bill and allow it to go through as printed, with the addition of the amendments suggested by the minister.

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