March 27, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)



There was no provision of that nature until the year 1897 or 1898, when I myself introduced a measure to amend the Superannuation Act by providing that where anl officer was dismissed for political partisanship, he should not suffer the loss of the money lie paid into the superannuation fund. As in such case, though he may have acted unwisely, there was no malfeasance or anything discreditable in a moral sense, I consider that he was punished enough by being deprived of his office and ought not to be further deprived of the money he had paid into the fund. Application has been made from time to time for a return of the superannuation money to parties dismissed for other causes, but although the Act is not restricted in its terms and we might be justified by the Act alone in returning the money, still as it was designed to apply only to cases of dismissal for political partisanship, we have not thought fit to interpret it as applying to other eases.

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