March 27, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Joseph-Édouard-Émile Léonard

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. J. E. E. LEONARD (Laval).

(Translation.) Mr. Speaker, before this Bill is read a third time, I wish to move :
That, the said Bill be not now read a third time but that it be re-committed to a Committee of the Whole with instructions to make the following amendments thereto
1. That the words ' or immoral ' be added to the words ' or obscene amusements ' in the fifth line of the first paragraph of Section 179a, as well as to the words ' obscene amusements ' in the fourth line of the second paragraph ;
2. That the following paragraph be added :-
' 5. Will be considered immoral, for the purposes of the present Act, all representations, plays or scenes, and all theatricals that may ridicule the marriage tie or laws or the misfortune of a deceived spouse, or that may present in a favourable light concubinage, adultery, adulterous love, or the life of the debauchee, or of the girl of public character, who is kept up, or that may

picture, without censure, the \ife or the conduct of concubines, or of those who habitually live in a state of forbidden love, concubinage, or prostitution.'
If I understand aright the debate that took place in committee the other day, the reason why the hon. member for Pictou (Sir C. H. Tupper) objected to the Bill, was mainly on the ground that the meaning of the word 4 immoral ' was not clearly defined. With the amendment I am now moving and the definition which it embodies I think the hon. Minister cf Justice (Hon. C. Fitzpatrick), who has so willingly complied with the demand of the Quebec authorities, will not object to accepting this amendment as it . contains the definition of the word ' immoral.'

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