July 25, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Sir EDWARD KEMP: (Minister of Militia and Defence)

Conservative (1867-1942)

1. When the British recruiting, mission was authorized to recruit throughout the United States for the enlistment of British subjects in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, instructions were issued to all District Officers Commanding that all men accepted for enlistment in the Canadian Expeditionary Force would be forwarded, for attestation, to the nearest Canadian depot, the following places having been selected for this purpose, viz., Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, London, Toronto, Kingston, Montreal, Valcartier, St. John and Halifax, and that these men should be permitted to make their own choice as to which Canadian Expeditionary Force unit, (Infantry), they preferred.
No commanding officer of any Canadian Expeditionary Force unit has been authorized to recruit in the United States, solely for his own unit.
2. Answered by No. 1.
3. Total number of recruits reported in Canada for Canadian Expeditionary Force to July 17,1917,2,194; total number of recruits reported in Canada for British Expeditionary Force to July 17, 1917, 679; total, 2,873.
4. Yes, P.C. 1505 dated June 4, 1917,
5. The order in council provides:
(a) That there should he only one recruiting organization dealing with British subjects in the United States, and that this organization should consist of the staff of the British recruiting mission with whom should be conjoined selected officers, non-

commissioned officers and men from the Canadian Forces.
(b) That the mission will accept for enlistment men who desire to join the Canadian Expeditionary Force.
(c) That the Minister of Militia be empowered to detail the required number of selected officers, non-commissioned officers and men, and that he be also empowered to incur the necessary recruiting expenses and to authorize subsistence allowance to the officers, non-commissioned officers and men employed on this service.

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