July 20, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Michael Clark



Mr. Speaker, I rise to a question of privilege. A paragraph appeared in the Journal-Press of this city yesterday, and I am told that a similar paragraph appeared in the Globe of Toronto and other papers -I do not wish to read any of them-purporting to give an account of what took place at a meeting of Liberals who voted for the second reading of the Military Service Bill, purporting to give that account as an account endorsed by my hon. friend from Saltcoats (Mr. MacNutt) who was the chairman of that meeting. I have the liberty of my hon. friend from Saltcoats to say what I am now about to say. I read the paragraph from the Journal-Press to my hon. friend from Saltcoats, and with his bluff honesty, he characterized the writer of that paragraph by a very strong substantive. I do not care to repeat it, but it indicated an emphatic belief on the part of that hon. member that the paragraph in question was not only highly coloured, but untruthful. The sub-
4 p.m. stantive was further emphasized by the use of an adjective. My hon. friend from Saltcoats asked me not to repeat the adjective as it might reflect on his character as a good Presbyterian. I wish to say, on my own account, that my impression of the paragraph in question is exactly the same as that of .the hon. member for Saltcoats.

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