July 18, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Joseph Elijah Armstrong

Conservative (1867-1942)


I hope the
thon. gentleman will not put into my mouth words that I did not utter. In the early part of my remarks I called particular attention to the fact that this was retroactive legislation.
iMr. NESBITT: I think my hon. friend
said, a kind of retroactive legislation. Certainly the latter part of his remarks tended to give the impression that we were opposed to giving the municipalities absolute control of their own streets. That is not the case. What we object to is subsection 5, which Teads:
The provisions of the last preceding subsection shall apply to and restrict the powers of any company heretofore incorporated by Special Act or other authority of the Parliament of Canada notwithstanding that such provisions may be inconsistent with the provisions of such Special Act or other authority, and notwithstanding the provisions of section three of this Act; and it is hereby declared that the powers of any such company have been so restricted since the date of the enactment of chapter thirty-seven of the Revised Statutes of Canada 1906, that is to say, the thirty-first day of January, 1907.
We contend that it is not fair to have al-_ lowed ithese people to invest their money under that Act

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