July 18, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Frank Broadstreet Carvell



My hon. friend talks of the great work the Hydro-Electric has done, and with that I have no quarrel. He talks about the objects of the Hydro-Electric, and no doubt they are the very best in the world. But the Hydro-Electric Commission are not the only people in Canada who are taking electric power to the people in the cities and towns, and to the farmers as well-and others are delivering it a great deal cheaper than the Hydro-Electric Commission. They are not the only philanthropists in Canada. Because Ontario as a province is trying to work out a great scheme which they say

will be for the benefit of the people of Ontario, does that give them a legal right to step in and confiscate property which men have honestly acquired and for which they have paid good money? A public corporation like the province of Ontario should be the last class of people to do a thing like this. I could understand a private corporation attempting to do it to get the better of a competitor. But here is the great province of Ontario, according to the statement of the hon. member for Renfrew (Mr. Graham), wanting to confiscate private property and to create class legislation. If they want these properties why do they not buy them and treat the owners as any white man would?

Topic:   P520 COMMONS
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