March 20, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Edward Hackett



Before you declare that item carried, Mr. Chairman, if we are discussing the question of cabinet ministers, I want to say one word for the province of Prince Edward Island. Almost since the time of confederation, we have had a member of the cabinet representing that province. A short time ago, when Sir Louis Davies was removed from this House to a higher position, a gentleman contested the constituency which he had represented in his stead. A good deal1 has been said here about rumour. The right hon. leader of the government has said that he cannot be held accountable for rumour. I can assure him that I attended meetings during the contest and it was held up to the electors of West Queen's that if they elected the gentleman who now represents that riding he would be a cabinet minister. There is

no province that requires more to be represented by a cabinet minister that Prince Edward Island owing to its isolated position, and owing to the fact that we are shut out for a long time in the year from communication with the mainland. There is no province that has a greater right or is more deserving to be represented in the cabinet than the province of Prince Edward Island. We have suffered this year for the want of representation in the cabinet and we are likely to suffer longer. I see that the hon. member for West Queen's (Mr. Farquharson) sitting now at the left of the right hon. leader of the government, he has not yet been appointed to the cabinet, and I would urge upon the right hon. gentleman that if he wishes to do justice to the province of Prince Edward Island he should see that hon. gentleman is elevated to the proud position of a member of the cabinet, the promise of which induced many electors to vote for him.
Some resolutions reported.
On motion of the Prime Minister, House adjourned at six o'clock p.m.

Monday, March 23, 1903.

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