March 20, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Hon. S@

They) are only rumours then ?
The PRIME MINISTER, If my hon. friend quotes any word of mine or of any of my colleagues, I am ready to answer, friend quotes any word of mine or of any thing to say as to where they originated or on what authority they were circulated, I decline to be bound by them or even to answer any questions with regard to them. If, for instance, Senator Templeman has said anything on the subject, or if the hon. gendeman (Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper) can trace anything I said, his question will be a proper one. But life is too short for one to hold himself responsible for what appears in newspapers about one. I do not think that when the hon. gentleman was in the government he held himself responsible for what appeared about him in the newspapers or for rumours of any kind. The hon. gentleman spoke of a wish of my heart not being realized. I must say that that has happened more than once-I have failed to

realize tilings that I had very much at heart. And this may he one of those things-I do not say it is not. The hon. gentleman has not made out a case, and if he wishes to draw me in this way, I am sorry to say he is hardly likely to succeed.

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