March 20, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)



That is your inference.
Mi-. BORDEN (Halifax). That is perhaps in return for the somewhat taunting speech which the Minister of Trade and Commerce made last year, in which he recalled to the right hon. gentleman the fact that he had made a very strong free trade speech in Winnipeg. The Minister of Trade and Commerce will remember how he turned round to the leader of the government and said that the words he had used at Winnipeg were very excellent words at the time and would be very excellent now. We on this side rather felt for the leader of the government on that occasion. But since

the right hon. gentleman who leads the government will not take this matter up, perhaps his colleague the Minister of Trade and Commerce will. My right hon. friend the Minister of Trade and Commerce belongs to a cabinet which has fourteen members drawing salaries and I do not know how many without portfolio. The Minister of Trade and Commerce was strongly of the opinion in the olden days before 1896, that seven cabinet ministers being enough for the United States should be quite enough for Canada. It would be interesting to know whether or not he is still of that opinion, and if not when and why did he change it. We have it from the Postmaster Genera], that this system of having three departments under the one minister works excellently well. Why not take the department of Trade and Commerce and Customs and Inland Revenue and place them all under the control of the Minister of Customs ?
Hon. Mi-. TARTE. And Public Works also ?

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