July 13, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


John Allister Currie

Conservative (1867-1942)


In the .section of the
country in the vicinity of Parry Sound a large number of men were being rapidly recruited. The member for Parry Sound (Mr. Arthurs) raised a fine regiment there and after he had gone to Niagara for training, recruiting was .proceeded with. The member for West Lambton (Mr. Pardee) the Chief Liberal Whip, called a meeting at Emsdale and proceeded to put a candidate in the field against the member for Parry .Sound while he was on his way across the ocean with his battalion. Everybody asked: Is the
war over? I happened to be in that section of the country at the time, and I heard the remark made: Do they want to defeat Colonel Arthurs, who is doing his duty, who has not taken any part in politics? This occurred not only in that district, but in the majority of the ridings in Ontario. The party press became violent, and everybody holding a view opposite to theirs suffered more or less from their attacks. One would have thought that the question bothering some people was not, win the war, but win an election. That was the chief cause of the stopping of recruiting in Ontario.

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