March 18, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Humphrey Bennett

Conservative (1867-1942)


Now that the minister has thrown a little light on the subject we understand why this company exerted their influence. Some two years ago, I understand, the company did nof interfere in the same manner in which they did on this last occasion. According to the ' Globe,' the Postmaster General was present at that meeting, which was addressed by other members of the company, and perhaps the fact that the contract would expire next year might not be renewed on similar terms, was an inducement to that company to act

in the way they did, pitching into the fight and muzzling their men as they did on that occasion. Of course the minister is not aware of that. But the fact remains that here is the department making a contract with party friends, without public tender, without public competition at all, a contract for a five years' term; and it is a well-known fact in the neighbourhood that the undertaking has been a very profitable one to those gentlemen. And the fact that the term is about to expire, and that the company were looking for a renewal of the contract will probably explain why they put the screws on as they did in this last election, and brought about such a change of the vote in North Ontario. There was no change in any other district of the county to the same extent, and 1 think it is reasonable to conclude that the change was owing to the active influence of this company, bon-used, or subsidized, or subventioned, or whatever you may term it, by the government.

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