March 18, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Wilfrid Laurier (Prime Minister; President of the Privy Council)



201 MARCH 19, 1903 202Bernier, Law, Calvin, Marcil (Bagot),Bickerdike, Lefurgey, Carbonneau, Martineau,Birkett, Lewis, Cargill, Matheson,Biain, Lovell, Carscallen, Mayrand,Borden (Halifax), Loy, Charlton, Meigs,Borden (Sir Frederick),Maclaren (Huntingdon), Clancy, Morin,Bourassa, McCarthy, Clare, Muloclc (Sir William),Boyd, McCormick, Cochrane, Oliver,Brock, McEwen, Davis, Parmelee,Brown, Mclsaac, Delisle. Pope,Bruce, McLennan, Douglas, Proulx,Bruneau, Madore, Dugas, Reid (Grenville),Bureau, Malouin, Dyment, Reid (Restigouche),Calvert, Marcil (Bonaventure), Erb, Richardson,Calvin, Mignault, Ethier, Robinson (Elgin),Campbell, Monk, Farquharson, Robinson (Northumber-Carbonneau, Morin, Fisher, land),Cargill, Murray, Fortier, Roche (Marquette),Carscallen, Osier, Galliher, Rosamond,Cartwright (Sir Richard(Paterson, Gauvreau, Ross (Ontario),Casgrain, Pope, Gilmour, Ross (Victoria),Champagne, Porter, Girard, Rousseau,Charlton, Power, Gould, Schell,Christie, Prefontaine, Grant, Seagram,Clancy, Puttee, Guthrie, Sherritt,Clarke, Reid (Grenville), Hackett, Simmons,Cochrane, Reid (Restigouche), Halliday, Smith (Vancouver),Copp, Richardson, Harwood, Smith (Wentworth),Costigan, Riley, Henderson, Sproule, [DOT]Cowan, Roche (Halifax), Heyd, Stephens,Culbert, Rosamond, Hughes (King's), Stewart,Delisle, Ross (Ontario), Hughes (Victoria), Talbot,Demers (LSvis), Ross (Rimouski), Ingram, Taylor,Demers (St. John). Ross (Victoria), Johnston (Cardwell), Thomson (North Grey),Earle, Ross (Yukon), Johnston (Lambton), Tobin,Emmerson, Rousseau, Kendall, Tolmie,Ethier, Russell, Kidd, Tolton,Farquharson, Schell, Lang, Tucker,Fielding, Smith (Wentworth), LaRiviere, Turcot,Fowler, Sproule, Laurier (L'Assomption),Turgeon, Fraser, Stephens, LeBlanc, Vrooman,Gallery, Sutherland (Oxford), Lennox, Wade,Galliher, Talbot, Leonard, Wilmot,Ganong, Tarte, Lewis, Wilson andGeoffrion, Taylor, Logan, Wright.-119.Gibson. Thompson (Haldimand Lovell, Gould, Gourley, Haggart, and Monek), Thomson (North Grey), Tisdale, And that the Quorum of the said Committee do consist of Twelve Members. Harty, Tobin, The PRIME MINISTER moved: Henderson, Tolmie, Heyd, Tupper (Sir C. Hibbert), That the report of the special committee ap- Holmes, Wade, pointed to prepare and report lists of members Hughes (King's), Ward, ' to compose the Select Standing Committees ofHughes (Victoria), Wilmot, this House be concurred in. Hvman, Motion agreed to. Ingram, Wright.-130. Johnston (Cape Breton), And that the Quorum of the said Committee do DRAINAGE ON AND ACROSS RAILWAY consist of Twenty- one Members. PROPERTY. No. 9- ON AGRICULTURE AND COLONIZA- TION. Mr. M. K. COWAN (South Essex) moved Messieurs : for leave to introduce Bill (No. 19) respect- Angers, Loy, ing drainage on and across the property of Ball, Macdonald, railway companies. Bazinet, Ma ckie, Beith, MacLaren (Perth), Some hon. MEMBERS. Explain. Bell, Macpherson, Bernier, McColl, Mr. COWAN. . This is practically a copy Biain, McCool, of the Bill which I introduced last sessionBourassa, McCormick, and which I explained on that occasion. I Bourbonnais, Boyd. Broder, McCreary, McEwen, McGowan, prefer to defer further explanation until the second reading of the Bill. Brown, Bureau, McGugan, McIntosh, Motion agreed to, and Bill read the firstCalvert, McLennan, time.

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