March 18, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Thomas Simpson Sproule

Conservative (1867-1942)


Sir Oliver Mowat's time expired last August, and the Lieutenant Governor, of Manitoba was overholding his office several months longer than that. What has that got to do with the principle at stake ? If it is wrong to hold an office of that kind for two years over the allotted time, it is equally wrong to overhold it for six months, because the same principle is involved. It is not the length of time that is questioned, but it is the system that is denounced. There is no logic in the argument of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister complained that the hon. member (Mr.' Maclean) had not given him notice of the question. Well, the right hon. gentleman had a stack of books in front of him from which he essayed to quote, but probably

finding that the quotation did not suit his purpose he refrained. Be that as it may, the incident of the books in front of him indicated that he got notice from some source. I do not believe that the Prime Minister, even with all his great ability could, tfo matter what notice he had, present arguments sufficiently strong to convince the House and the country, that the system which he is carrying out to-day, and which on a previous occasion he and his colleagues denounced, is right now, and was wrong then because the Liberals happened to be in power and not in opposition.

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