March 18, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Findlay Maclean

Independent Conservative


I bow to your decision, Mr. Speaker, I did not refer to a past debate. But I am told that I am doing something improper and gratuitously insulting to the holder of a high office. I am doing nothing of the kind ; as I have said, I am demanding the vindication of the constitution. I am asking hon. gentlemen opposite to immediately remove the stigma that they have put upon Sir Oliver Mowat-for they stigmatize him when they keep him in office without renewing his appointment. They must do one thing or the other-they must give Sir Oliver Mowat another term of office, or they must appoint his successor. Most of all, they ought to put his successor in office, i have no objection to the Minister of Trade and Commerce (Hon. Sir Richard Cartwright) going to government house in Toronto and setting up one of these ' petty courts ' to which he referred in the speech I have quoted. I would like to attend his ' petty court,' if he would be good enough to send me an invitation when he goes to occupy that position. I call on these hon. gentlemen to-day, in view of the grave crisis that exists at Toronto, to vindicate the constitution, to put a new man in office, and not to keep Sir Oliver - Mowat in the position in which he is to-day. He is entitled to better treatment. For all we know he may have asked to be relieved of the duties that are devolving upon him at the present time. At all events, the situation is serious, the duty is plain, the constitution has been violated, hon. gentlemen have once again, as many a time, been convictdd of being untrue to their pledges, to their professions, to the votes and to the speeches

which they have made in this House. Now, Mr. Speaker, I do not want to take up any more of the time of the House, and yet I feel justified in going as far as I have done out of regard for the honour of my province, and out of regard for the honour of the first man in my province, and I call upon the Prime Minister to tell this House that he intends to put a stop to the condition of things that exists in the province of Ontario at this moment.

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