March 16, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Lawrence Geoffrey Power (Speaker of the Senate)



I have the honor to inform the House that I have received from the registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada a certified copy of the judgment of the said court in the matter of the election appeal for the electoral district of St. James, by which the judgment of the trial judges in the lower court annulling the said election was affirmed and the appeal dismissed.
And on the appeal from that portion of tlie judgment of the trial judges in the lower court wherein the appellant has been found guilty of corrupt practices, the judges of the Supreme Court being equally divided on the said question, the appeal stands dismissed and the judgment of the Hon. Sir Melbourne M. Tait and the Hon. L O. Lornnger, declaring that the appellant was guilty of corrupt practices was affirmed.
The trial judges 'l iving reported that corrupt practices extensively prevailed in the election, I have, in conformity with sections 48, chap. 9. of the Revised Statutes of Canada, withheld the issue of my warrant for a new election, pending nnv action to be taken by the House in the matter.

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