March 13, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Lawrence Geoffrey Power (Speaker of the Senate)



I have the honour to inform the House that when the House did attend His Excellency the Governor General this day in the Senate Chamber, His Excellency was pleased to make a speech to both Houses of Parliament, a copy of which is as follows :-
Honourable Gentlemen of the Senate :
Gentlemen of the House of Commons :
I am glad to be able to congratulate you on the continued prosperity that prevails throughout the Dominion. Canada has received - many blessings during the past year which call for the expression of our heartfelt gratitude to a kind Providence.
I had the pleasure of visiting London last summer in anticipation of the Coronation of His Majesty, and to meet on that occasion representatives from all parts of the Empire bringing with them assurances of the loyalty and contentment that prevails throughout His Majesty's widely extended possessions ; and though, at one time, fears were entertained that the King's illness would have involved a further postponement of the ceremony, it was a source of much joy and happiness to His Majesty's subjects that his health was so speedily and perfectly restored.
Representatives of this government participated in the important Colonial Conference which was called by His Majesty's Government in connection with ' the Coronation. The report of the proceedings of the conference, including the documents submitted by the Canadian representatives, has already been given to the public, by His Majesty's Government in London. I feel ' assured that much good will result from the bringing the leading public men of the great 1 self-governing colonies into direct contact with each other and with the statesmen of the motherland.
The great influx of population into our North-western territories and the very large additional areas of fertile land which are being brought under cultivation combine to further press upon us the need for increased transportation facilities for the forwarding of our grain and other products to the markets of the world, through Canadian channels. The whole question of transportation and terminal facilities continues to occupy much attention, and my government will immediately appoint a commission of experienced men to report on the subject.
A treaty has been entered into between His Majesty and the government of the United States, under which the proper delimitation of the boundaries between Canada and Alaska is to be judicially determined by a tribunal of six impartial jurists of repute.
As a result of the recent decennial census, the representation of the different provinces must be re-adjusted, as required by the British North America Act, and a Bill will be introduced for that purpose.
Bills with respect to the creation of a Railway Commission, the amendment of the Patent Laws, the Militia Act, Chinese immigration,

the reorganization of the Department of Marine and Fisheries, the settlement of Railway labour disputes, and various other subjects will be submitted to you.
Gentlemen of the House of Commons :
The public accounts will be laid before you and also the estimates for the coming year, which have been prepared with due regard to economy and the rapid growth of the Dominion.
Honourable Gentlemen of the Senate :
Gentlemen of the House of Commons :
I pray that in the consideration of these matters and in the performance of all the labours which will devolve on you, your deliberations, under Divine guidance, will tend still to increase the prosperity and happiness of our people.

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