June 8, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


William Pugsley



I am not prepared to
speak as to that. I do know that along the Pacific coast of the United States there has been a great deal of dissatisfaction by reason of oriental immigration, so much so that the Legislature of California has passed laws which have provoked very great irritation and have caused the greatest possible friction between the Legislature and the people of California and the Government and Congress of the United States. I know that much, but what has caused it I do not know beyond the fact that it has been felt that there has been too much oriental immigration into the western coast states of the United States of America. Just a word with regard to the remark of my hon. friend from Rouville (Mr. Lemieux) as to the criticism which was levelled at the late Government when a rather liberal arrangement, but at the same time a fair arrangement, was made between the Government of Canada and the Imperial Government of Japan. This Government was very bitterly criticised by Conservative members from British Columbia by reason of that arrangement. The hon. member for Neyr Westminster (Mr. Taylor) speaks of what has happened to-day, that Japanese cruisers have helped to protect the Pacific coast. Well, that shows how foresighted was my right hon. friend who was then the leader of the Government (Sir Wilfrid Laurier), because I well remember that in this House, when he was seeking to defend the action of the Government in making this arrangement with the Japanese Government, he said that the time might come when the ships of Japan would be riding side by side with the ships of Canada in defence of the cities and coasts of British Columbia.

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