June 8, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


William Erskine Knowles



The difference between the existing condition of affairs and what the minister proposes is so great that it looks as if he were opening the gates very wide. He says that at present there is no safeguard other than that which will exist in the future. There is the safeguard of the $400 having been deposited. At present, the onus of proof is on the alleged student, but under the change proposed by the minister the department will have to make the case against the man who enters with an expectation which he does not fulfill. This affects more particularly the province of British Columbia. I see in his place an hon. member who has made rather a specialty of "A White British Columbia." I would ask my hon. friend from Victoria (Mr. Barnard) whether this legislation is such as will be considered desirable by those who wish to perpetuate a white British Columbia. He has, no doubt, full information as to the local circumstances and as to what is desired by the people of his province.

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