June 8, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Edward Mortimer Macdonald



The minister mentioned my having brought up a matter with regard to this legislation at an earlier stage in the session. The minister will recall the case that I brought to his attention at that time, namely the case of a young man who was the son of Mr. Corsbie, who had originally been born in China, but who had been educated in Canada and had gone to Trinidad. This gentleman was a British subject; his son had come to Canada for the purpose of getting an education, and his case was not that of a Chinese person in the sense in which the term is. used in this legislation. When this Bill came up a few minutes ago I asked the minister if he had the statute before him, so that we might know exactly what was the legislation on this subject. Confusion and difficulty arose in the case of this young man, who was a British subject, and the circumstances of his treatment were unfortunate. Complaint was made by many clergymen interested in the matter, and the case attracted special attention by reason of the fact that the father of the young man was a commissioner to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. I mentioned at the time that it would be well for the Government to deal with this question. I would like to know what the minister says on the point raised by the hon.. member for St. John.

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