June 6, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Edmund William Tobin



Referring to the statement of the Hon. Member for Victoria-Haliburton on page 439 of Hansard, February the 2nd, as follows:-

"Mr. Carvell: Would the right hon. gentleman let me know whether he found out during the dinner hour who it was that ordered or was responsible for the reduction of the Ross rifle from *462 to *4'57 in 1910?"
"Sir Robert Borden: I stated at the time that my information did not come from the Department of Militia and Defence, but that it was reliable. I have asked the Deputy Minister to produce absolutely accurate information on that point, which' I shall give to the Committee."
"Sir Sam Hughes: I understand that it was on the recommendation of Colonel Harkon, the expert adviser to the Militia Department under Sir Frederick Borden. The Standing Committee on Small Arms was never consulted."
1. Was this statement of the member for Vic-toria-Haliburton, in regard to the reduction of the chamber of the Ross rifle, from .462 to .457 in 1910?
2, Is there any report in the Militia Department from Colonel Harkon recommending the change in the Ross rifle referred to?

Subtopic:   THE ROSS RIFLE.
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