June 4, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Edward Mortimer Macdonald



When the hon. gentleman talks about my being solicitor for companies, he makes a statement concerning which he knows nothing whatever and is absolutely unjustified and unwarranted. I will tell him whom I represent in this House. I represent three or four thousand coal miners, who have sent me here for twelve years to speak and act on their behalf.
Let me say to the hon. gentleman who comes here to "wrestle with this problem and to indulge in personal matters of this kind, that the people of my constituency are aroused upon this question of the cost of living, they ward .some solution of it from, this Government, and they will have it. The hon. gentleman *speaks about the price of coal. The price of [DOT]coal in the constituency from which I come is not greater than it should he, having regard to the wages that people should have in order to pay for the produce that is necessary to keep them alive. If the price of coal is greater in Montreal than it should be, and the minister laboured for over an hour to-night to show that it is not, all I have to say is that it is not the coal from Nova Scotia that is being consumed and for which this large price is being paid. Coal from Nova Scotia is not going to Montreal on account of the removal of facilities for getting it there. The coal consumed in Montreal is coal from the United States and not from Nova Scotia. Within the last three days I called the attention of the Government to the fact that it was impossible for Nova Scotia to send, any coal to central Canada on account of the boats being removed. My hon. friend who always pretends to omniscience has something to learn in regahd to that question. The price of coal in central Canada is not dependent on the price of coal in Nova Scotia.

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