June 4, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


George William Kyte



They did not get a higher
price in the United States. When our farmers could have realized a better price in the United States the Government refused to allow them to sell their product in that country. It was not until food products had become so high in this country that the ordinary consumer could scarcely buy them at all, that the Government allowed food products to be exported to the United States, when we were paying more for those commodities than ever before.
Coming back to the question of onions, the food controller in the United States held
an inquiry and wa.s able to put his finger on the cause of the trouble. While it had been reported that the high price was due to the supply not being equal to the demand the food controller discovered that large quantities were being warehoused in the United States; the manipulators gave out that the supply was not equal to the demand, and therefore the price had to go up. The moment the food controller took the matter in hand he discovered where the difficulty was, and the price of onions at once came down. There was a gentleman who really understood what his business was, and was really interested in producing results. All these matters- which the Minister of Labour referred to are being dealt with in other countries and perhaps in no other country outside of Germany have prices gone up to the extent that they have gone up in Canada. As I said at the opening of my remarks, we in this country have to settle down to the conviction that nothing will he done to relieve the situation because the Minister of Labour either cannot or will not take action. -

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