May 14, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Donald Farquharson



I did not say that. I went over this road with the hon. Minis-

ter of Railways and Canals and liis engineer. We spent a whole day, from morning till night, travelling over it. The engineer of that road is a man, I think, above approach, and he has examined all the ground carefully, and no doubt reported to his superiors, and therefore when the 311 miles were let on the same schedule rates as the 111 miles, I do not think the government could have done better. And when that contractor had all his apparatus on the ground for building the 111 miles, we thought no other man could do the rest of the work as cheaply or as well. But of course prejudices are apt to be created by letting a contract without tender, and the minister is liable to be under a cloud so to speak until the facts are all fully known.

Subtopic:   MAT 14. 1902
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