June 5, 2015 (41st Parliament, 2nd Session)


Maurice Vellacott


Mr. Maurice Vellacott (Saskatoon—Wanuskewin, CPC)

Mr. Speaker, I pay tribute to good staff that I have had over the past 18 years.
I want to thank Al, who was my very first staffer. We learned a lot of things together.
I express my gratefulness to Beth, who was a diligent worker and a very gifted writer.
I acknowledge John, who was my first research assistant on Parliament Hill, and a very thorough one.
Edna was my 15-year administrative assistant on the Hill, a very capable, committed staffer who made not more than a handful of mistakes in all of those years.
Wanda stepped in to effectively fill the role of administrative assistant in the constituency office during a couple of pregnancy leaves.
TV did an admirable job of relating to constituents and providing me with valuable feedback from his spring and fall mobile office tours.
Lori is efficient and remains chipper even in the face of difficult constituent cases.
AJ is firm and sensible in serving my constituents.
TJ is a good adviser and confidante and an astute legislative assistant.
Susanne has filled a gap in a reassuring way for me in the significant bookkeeping and financial aspects of this role.
Lastly, Barb has been a tremendous aid in research and in collaborating with me on pro-life issues.
I thank these staff members because I could not have done the job without them. Only eternity will tell the impact of what we have accomplished together. I thank each one.

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