April 24, 2015 (41st Parliament, 2nd Session)


Raymond Côté

New Democratic Party

Mr. Raymond Côté (Beauport—Limoilou, NDP)

Mr. Speaker, I thank the member for Saanich—Gulf Islands for her speech. She raised some very serious objections related to the dangers of Bill C-51.
When the Standing Committee on Finance was studying terrorism financing and in related conversations, I had the opportunity to talk to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Daniel Therrien. He confirmed the impression I had that some federal agencies and departments affected by the bill, such as the Canada Revenue Agency, could end up freely sharing information from individuals' tax records. Mr. Therrien said that was indeed the case.
Can the member elaborate on other examples of information sharing allowed by this bill that would be excessive or potentially inappropriate?

Topic:   Government Orders
Subtopic:   Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015
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