May 14, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


The MINISTER OP THE INTERIOR (Hon. Clifford Sifton).

The amendments are not of an important character. There is an amendment to section 22, which is purely clerical, by which the words ' two candidates where two members are to be elected' are struck out. It does not alter the meaning of the Bill, and it is a better way of expressing it.
Section 23 in the Bill as passed reads as follows :
If at the time fixed for receiving nominations there remain more than two candidates in nomi-Sir WILFRID LAURIEK.
nation where two members are to be elected, or one candidate where one member is to be elected at the election then pending, the said officer shall grant a poll, &c.
This section has been amended so as to read :
If at the time fixed for receiving nominations there remain more than one candidate, the returning officer shall grant a poll, &c.
The draughtsman in drafting the Bill provided for a case in which there was more than one candidate, but it is unnecessary, as the Bill provides at the present time for only one member, so that this amendment is quite in accord with the rest of the Bill. Section 28 is amended by the Senate in accordance with a suggestion made by the Minister of Justice (Hon. Mr. Fitzpatrick). The hon. Minister of Justice suggested that it might be possible that the chief justice or the senior judge might be away from the territory when an election was to be held, and that it would be better to provide that the senior judge who should happen to be there should act. I see no objection to the amendment, and I move that it be concurred in.
Amendments read the second time, and agreed to.

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