March 6, 2014 (41st Parliament, 2nd Session)


Erin O'Toole


Mr. Erin O'Toole (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade, CPC)

Mr. Speaker, I heard some optimism in my colleague's remarks, because he was urging the government to get moving on its negotiations with Japan and South Korea. I infer from his comments that the NDP caucus has already agreed to get behind these two agreements. They may be the first agreements in the history of that party it will get behind to help the one in five Canadian jobs that are attributable to trade. We will try to grow that pie.
I have two questions I would like the member to address. The trade critic of that party referenced the elections as being unfair. The most recent elections in Honduras were monitored, and the international community has been supportive and has called the results full and fair. Could the member tell me where his support is for that statement?
Why is my colleague not in favour of helping to increase the GDP of a country in our hemisphere that has a terribly low per capita GDP? Increased trade globally would actually help the people of that country.
I would like him to comment on those two issues: his reference to the election results and the overall question of trade raising people out of poverty.

Topic:   Government Orders
Subtopic:   Canada-Honduras Economic Growth and Prosperity Act
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