January 29, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Daniel Duncan McKenzie



I wish to call the attention of the Prime Minister to a telegram which I have received, as follows:
Have sent Premier Borden to-day a telegram reading as follows: "The Dominion
Atlantic Railway has confiscated coal consigned to the Nova Scotia Underwear Company, Limited, of Windsor, after arrival of coal at Windsor freight yard. The confiscation of Underwear Company coal is serious, as they have military contracts to perform and will be unable to do so if confiscation of any of their coal by railway Is permitted. If you will kindly instruct Dominion Atlantic Railway that coal confiscated must be returned at once, and that coal for the Nova Scotia Underwear Company, Limited, must not be interfered with in future, we feel they will obey. While the Nova Scotia Underwear Company is willing to co-operate with the railway in every reasonable manner, it feels that interference with its coal supply is unwarranted by conditions obtaining in this vicinity, and such interfer-

ence is a matter of serious importance to them. Your kind offices in the premises will be appreciated.
This is a duplicate of a telegram which was sent to the Prime Minister. I sent notice to the Prime Minister that I would bring this matter up, and I trust that he will be able to give some satisfactory information on the subject.

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