January 26, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


John Gillanders Turriff



We have the three Ministers in this bluff on the Canadian people; and it apparently worked, because while there is the letter on page 5 of the Evening Journal of to-night, it is in only a few of the papers. In all the balance of

the issue of to-night's evening Journal, the home edition, these two columns, down about two-thirds of the way, are cut out. Somebody found out that there was a bad give-away in this letter, that there was an acknowledgement of both charges in the affidavit, and they got busy in the Journal office and cut out the whole two columns, in order to keep that particular letter out. But some papers of the issue had already been distributed and I hold one of them in my hand, with this article in it. So my hon. friend, the Minister of Public Works, nearly got away with it, but he just slipped a cog Iot once-and I give my genial friend credit that he does not often slip a cog in that manner. It was not in his hands. If it had been in the master's hands the cogs would have clutched together all right, and it yvould have worked. But the tools that my hon. friend uses are not as good as he is himself. You cannot expect the ordinary mechanic to be as good as the master mechanic, and I take off my hat to the Minister of Public Works and express my sympathy for him that the cog slipped on this occasion. But do not wonder if in the future, so long as this gang are trying to get recruits in Quebec, they do not get very many.

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