January 25, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Charles Marcil



Sir George Perley and General Turner, as the men from Quebec who are reall} running this war.
If we had had in Quebec the skeleton of -a military organization and had twenty or thirty regiments with which to start the work of recruiting, the result would have been different. But the recruiting was altogether mismanaged from the start. The hon. member for Victoria (Sir Sam Hughes) came down several times, but he did not seem to be able to get in touch with the proper parties to undertake the work, and those who succeeded him seem to have thrown up the job altogether, because I see in the Gazette that for a week there has not been a single recruit in Montreal. The Government itself is to blame, and until they adopt better methods it is no use trying to place the blame on the shoulders of the people of Quebec. The people will not accept that responsibility, and will protest against it on the first opportunity that comes. The people of Quebec have as much interest in this war as any one, because they would be the first victims if the Huns ever got across. It would be up the St. Lawrence that the invaders would come, and none of their boats could ever reach Ontario. But we in Quebec would get it full. So the province of Quebec is willing to do its share, and if there has been any apparent shortage in recruiting, if all the circumstances are taken into consideration, it is wholly due to the faulty methods which have been followed.

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