May 17, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


William Folger Nickle

Conservative (1867-1942)


On an occasion like this
I hardly think that I would be warranted in voting for the resolution to strike out this amount without giving some explanation of my vote and my conduct. I think' it is singularly unfortunate-I do not want to preach to the committee-that legislation of the important character that has been introduced during the past two or three weeks should be brought down in the dying hours of the session.
I do not know what position other members of the House who occupy the humble position that I do, (find themselves in, but I find myself absolutely unable to get a
comprehensive grasp of the questions that are brought before me for consideration and determination when they are launched on me as important questions have been during the last two or three weeks. I practically find myself in the same position that I sometimes found myself in when I was a child. If I 'had a nauseous dose to take, the wisest way was to take it at a gulp, or refuse to take it at all-and to-night I refuse to take the gulp. I am not going to discuss the merits or demerits of the scheme. It is complex; it is ten o'clock in the evening of the last day of the session, and there is much important business yet to be considered. But this I do want to say: in a time when the Empire is at war, when every dollar that Canada can raise is required for the legitimate purposes of,the war-and as to this I have been deeply impressed by the speeches that the Minister of Finance has delivered in this House and elsewhere-I cannot bring myself to add anything to the burdens of the people of this country. If these were ordinary times I might not feel so strongly on the question, but being influenced by the judgment of the Minister of Finance-and I have great respect for his judgment-and realizing that a commission is about to be appointed to consider the whole railway problem in Canada, I cannot see my way clear to voting for the continuance of this amount in the Estimates.
Motion (Mr. E. W. Nesbitt) negatived on division: Yeas, 12; nays, 29.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
Subtopic:   LSI 3. II.
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