May 17, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


Auguste-Charles-Philippe-Robert Landry (Speaker of the Senate)

Conservative (1867-1942)


Mr. Sherwood is a married man with a family living in Ottawa, and the recommendations which I received on his behalf could not have been better. I asked for some information from the Clerk of the House as to the appointment, and it is true that in his letter of the
14th February the Clerk of the House advised me that Mr. Sherwood would have to get a certificate from the Civil Service Commission. That point was mentioned by the hon. member for Assiniboia (Mr. Turriff); but in that letter from the Clerk of the House there is also another point which the hon. gentleman omitted to mention. Here is what the Clerk of the House said:
If Mr. Sherwood is to be appointed under the Civil Service Act there is no way that I know of by which he can omit obtaining the Civil Service certificate of qualification for the grade referred.
The only other method is the one suggested by him in his letter, viz., a direct legislative Act naming him in the appropriation Bill for the office and fixing his grade and salary after its insertion in the Estimates. This is a matter solely ih the jurisdiction of the Government.
This course has been followed in a great many cases not only this session but in other sessions, and it is the course which I have adopted on this occasion. Mr. Sherwood has had a very good certificate given him by his chief, Mr. Colwell, who has described him as a very good man and perfectly qualified. At the opening of the present session, when Mr. Colwell was ill, Mr. Sherwood was in charge of the office and everything went well. Mr. Sherwood has been attending to his duties during the session, and he is doing well; he could not do better, according to his chief, and he desires appointment to the office.
Would it be possible for Mr. Sherwood, who is attending to his duties here morning, afternoon and night, to prepare for the Civil Service examination? I submit that consideration to the House, and I think that every hon. gentleman who wants to be fair will admit that it would not be easy for Mt. Sherwood to prepare for an examination. The Speaker is responsible for the good ladministration of this department. Here is a man who is perfectly qualified. His functions are very, very important, as can be judged by the letter of Mr. Colwell, which was read this afternoon. If there is anything wrong in connection with the work ot this office any member can come to this House and place the blame upon the Speaker. I ask the House if I was not well advised in asking the Government to put this amount in the Supplementary Estimates?

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