May 17, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


Robert Rogers (Minister of Public Works)

Conservative (1867-1942)


In answer to my 'hon. friend, who seems very much disturbed about the item now before the committee, at this late hour in the session it is not my purpose to discuss the treatment meted out by the present Government to its employees in the city of Ottawa and elsewhere. I can only say in a most respectful manner that the statement of my hon. friend regarding this case simply adds insult to injury so far as it concerned the 'treatment that we have extended to employees of thg late Administration. The hon. gentleman has dwelt at some length upon Mr. Sherwood securing a salary of $1,600 a year in the position which he is now filling. The position is a very important one, requiring special knowledge of the work. We have had the services of Mr. 'Sherwood temporarily in this office for four years, and he has performed his duties with entire satisfaction to those associated with him in the office, and, I think, to the House. As to the assertion of my hon. friend respecting political pull, Mr. Sherwood did not require to rest his case upon that consideration, because he was so eminently qualified to fill the position that the Speaker was justified in making the recommendation to the Minister of Finance that this amount be placed in the Estimates. The best justification that I can give t'he committee for the action of the 'Speaker in making the Recommendation that he did is a letter written by Mr. Colwell, who is head of the branch, and who has had Mr. Sherwood associated with him during the past four years. It was as I understand it, on this strong recommendation of Mr. Colwell that the Speaker made the recommendations which we are now considering.

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