May 17, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


John Gillanders Turriff



salary, even though he had not passed an examination. I think that no more glaring case ever occurred. Then the Clerk of the House, in accordance with the letter from the Speaker, wrote to the Minister of Finance as follows:
Dear Sir Thomas:
X am directed by His Honour the Speaker to communicate with you as to his wishes in the matter of an assistant clerk in the Orders and Records Office of the House of Commons.
He desires to appoint Mr. H. C. Sherwood of Ottawa to that office at a salary of $1,600 per annum, and he desires to have this done by direct appointment in the Appropriation Act. The grade of the office is B of the second division.
All these appointments, I understand, have to be recommended by a certain board. The Chairman of the Civil Service Commission, the Speaker of the House, and Sir George Perley were the members of the last board. You will find in the Civil Service list of 1915, page 273, the following: " Vacancy, 2-B, assistant clerk in Votes and Proceedings office." The board recommended that this position he filled, and I understand that as there was no vacancy in the staff of the House of Commons in subdivision A of the second division it was not competent for this House to put a clerk in subdivision A without a resolution or Order in Council. In order to do this, as I have said, it would be necessary to pass a resolution or Order in Council. In the face of these facts, simply because the young man in question has some political pull, everything is overridden, dissatisfaction is caused throughout the Civil Service and the country is out $800 a year that it should not he out, especially under the present conditions and in view of the economy urged by the Minister of Finance. I think that the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Trade and Commerce, in view of the facts that I have stated, ought to see that this item is withdrawn. I depend a little more on the Minister of Trade and Commerce and the Minister of Finance than upon some of their colleagues in a matter of this kind. One thing I cannot understand is how the change came to be made from subdivision B to subdivision A. I point out further to the Minister of Finance that as we are going to prorogue to-morrow there will be six or eight months during which this clerk will have absolutely nothing to do. Under these circumstances, in the interests of the Civil Service and of the country generally, I ask that this item be withdrawn.

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