May 17, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


John Gillanders Turriff



No. Look up the telephone directory and you will find the name there-H. Crossley Sherwood, photographic supplies. It is this young man's own business. Now, why should he be put in at double the regular salary when he has not even passed the examination? The only reason I can see for it-and I judge from what I know of how appointments are made-is that my hon. friend the member for Ottawa desires to force this through. And why? Because this young man's father is secretary of the Conservative Association in the city of Ottawa. That secretaryship is an honourable position, and I have no possible objection to any man holding it; but I do not think that the Minister of Finance, who has been preaching economy to us during this session, should allow anything like this to take place at a time when we should be practising economy. Surely

the members on the Treasury benches did not understand the position when they put this item in the Estimates. This is a small matter, If you dike: it means the paying of $1,600 a year instead of $800 a year. But it means also the pitchforking of a man into a position over the heads of others who have been in the service for many years. If there is one thing more than another that is affecting the Civil Service and making trouble and dissatisfaction, it is such acts as this. The young man writes a letter to the Speaker, and you would think he was the Government by the way he points out how his appointment should be made. He shows that he cannot be appointed under section 21, and goes on to say that the way that is here proposed is the only way in which he can be appointed.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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