May 3, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


John Dowsley Reid (Minister of Customs)

Conservative (1867-1942)


The Act of 1914 increased the liability from $1,000,000 to $3,000,000, and we now propose to repeal the Acts of 1912 and 1914, for the reason that under the new arrangement it will not be necessary to construct the bridges. The Bill that I intend to introduce will provide that the route of this railway will be from Centreville to Gagetown, thence to a point called Westfield, where it meets the Canadian Pacific railway. Running rights will be obtained over the Canadian Pacific railway, and, until some other arrangement is made by which the line will be extended to iSt. John, the Canadian Pacific railway will be used from Gagetown to St. John. In addition, a line is to be constructed from Andover to Centreville. The original line was to be from Grand iPalls, on the Transcontinental, to Gagetown, thence to Rothesay, crossing the Tiver on the Intercolonial. Since the original work was undertaken, the Transcontinental has been taken over by the Government, and, as the Intercolonial has now connection with the Transcontinental at McGivney junction, it will not be necessary for the present to build that section between Andover and Grand Falls, as we shall have direct connection with St. John by running over the road now owned) by the Government between Fredericton and McGivney junction. This changing of the route makes it necessary for us to withdraw the original resolutions, so as to provide for a subsidy on the line between Gagetown and Westfield. We discussed with the New Brunswick Government the advisability of having this road connect with the Maine Central, so that there would be connection between the Eastern States and St. John and the lower
provinces. Owing to financial conditions caused by the war, and the necessity of getting our surveys ready, we are dropping that portion of the line between Andover and Grand Falls, but with this exception the arrangement as originally proposed will be carried out. Instead of going to Rothesay, we are going to St. John via Westfield, and in this change there are a number of advantages. I discussed with the New Brunswick Government the advisability of getting into St. John at the earliest possible moment. Engineers who understand the work have told me that it would probably take two or three years before we could get the bridges completed.

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