May 2, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


John Howard Sinclair



Will the minister tell me whether there is any provision to preserve the rights of those who are now in the courts with regard to offences committed against the Act which he is repealing? The minister will remember that a period of three months is allowed to bring a prosecution, and offences may have been committed that have not yet been prosecuted in Scott Act counties. Sometimes they are not even found out for a couple of * 4 p.m. months. Will the right to prosecute those offences lapse when the old Act is repealed by this Act? . I understand that the old Act is absolutely repealed by this Act, and that new provisions are substituted. The minister will see my point. I feel interested in the matter owing to the fact that my county is a Scott Act county, and I know that prosecutions are occasionally brought. I would like to know whether this Bill would disturb the cases that are now in the court or take away any rights that exist.

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