May 2, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


Charles Joseph Doherty (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)

Conservative (1867-1942)


I hardly think we would be justified, in anticipation of the operation of laws that have not yet come into force, in taking away from counties the Canada Temperance Act, which in some cases they have adopted within the last few months. That is the case notably in Ontario. We have had no information from those counties that they want to have taken away from them the very thing that they, by their vote, expressed a desire to have. I do quite realize that there would be advantages in having a province all under one law, and I think it is rather to be anticipated that that condition of affairs will come about. But I do not think that this is quite the moment to attempt to bring that about. It would be premature to do so. I think we can quite safely leave consideration of that question until we have had some opportunity of seeing the newly proposed laws in operation.

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