May 2, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


Wilfrid Laurier (Leader of the Official Opposition)



The motion
'as amended by my right hon. friend is not so objectionable as a motion for morning sittings would have been, but my right hon. friend knows that as a general rule the mornings are not taken until we know what the programme of the Government contains in the way of important legislation. We resort to the morning sittings only when the business remaining to transact is not of a contentious character, though it may be important. At present on the programme of the House there is nothing of any consequence, barring the resolutions which have been brought down to-day and the measure relating to the war loan. As to the war loan there is no contention on our side; it will be scrupulously looked into, but not in any contentious spirit. But I will not say that of the very important resolutions that have been brought down to-day. I see that it is proposed to give further aid to the Grand Trunk Pacific and the Canadian Northern. These resolutions must have been the result of negotiations between the Government and the respective companies, and there must have been important and voluminous 208i
correspondence between the Government and the two companies in regard to it. The only suggestion that I have to make to my light hon. friend is that before we change the programme and meet at two o'clock in the afternoon we should have that correspondence. I hope it will be brought down immediately.

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