April 18, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)




1. What was the total cost of the Main street subway, Moncton, N.B. ?
2. How much was paid for right of way and

for damages in connection w'th said subway constructions?
3. To whom were such payments made?
4. Have any such claims been made to the
R. iilway Department that have not been paid? If so, by whom and for what amounts?
5. "What has been the cost of the different concrete sidewalks laid on and in connection with the Moncton station yard during the past three years?
6. What was the cost of the concrete sidewalks along Main street, Moncton, N.B., leading to and through said subway?
7. If the concrete and other bridge work in connection with said subway was let by contract, what was the contract price, and what, if any, amount has bsen paid contractors over and above the contract price of same?
8. Is the Government aware there are said to be other dangerous level street crossings in the city of Monoton? If so, how many, and is it the intention of the Department of Railways to eliminate same in the near future?
9. Were the grades on streets approaching the subway changed from the original plans regarding same? If so, in what particular?..
10. Have damages b en paid?. If so, how much for the properties east of Archibald street, in front of which the s.reet has been lowered from one to ten feet, caused by the construction of said subway?
11. What was the total cost of concrete work in connection with said subway?

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