March 23, 2011 (40th Parliament, 3rd Session)


David Sweet (Interjection)


Mr. David Sweet

Mr. Speaker, I had a number of lawyers work on the legal aspects of the bill. I have talked with many groups, as I mentioned in my speech, regarding victims rights groups and I have found, as I said, unanimous support for it.
I am very grateful for the member's vote of confidence that I will be back here.
However, in all seriousness, I did mention in my speech that despite the circumstances we have here, it is necessary to make known the pain that victims go through and the minimal amount of rights they have when it is time for a person who has been convicted to come up for parole and the limited access they have to information so that they can be assured that when the person comes out that person will not reoffend and, quite possibly, re-victimize their families.

Topic:   Private Members' Business
Subtopic:   Fairness for Victims of Violent Offenders Act
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