March 22, 2011 (40th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Keith Martin


Hon. Keith Martin (Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, I would like to ask my friend and all Bloc members through him, if he thinks that a much larger problem is not the redistribution or the increase in numbers in this House, but empowering members of Parliament to be able to represent their constituents and to deal with the democratic deficit that has been around for a few decades but worsening over the last few years?
Does the member think that empowering members of Parliament would enable us to invigorate our public, to get them engaged in the public process, to improve public engagement on the development of policy? Does the member not think that is a much more fundamental challenge to the democracy of our country than changing the number of seats we have in this House?

Topic:   Government Orders
Subtopic:   Democratic Representation Act
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