April 11, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


Frederick Forsyth Pardee



This comes to the same
thing if you have perfect confidence in the Railway Commission. Then a company could get a charter in the ordinary way from the Secretary of State, submit its plans and have them passed afterwards.
Mr. REID I would not like to take up such a large question as that to-day. I think the suggestion is one 'that should be well considered. But the Ra'iway Act is to be amended. The Bill is all ready to bring before the House at some future time. We have not taken it up on account of war conditions. When the Bill comes forward 1 would suggest to my hon. friend (Mr. Pardee) that he take up that question. This amendment merely makes the present Railway Act a little more workable or a little more satisfactory to the House and the country and therefore I would ask the hon. member to allow the other matter 'fo stand until the Railway Act Amendment Bill is introduced.

Topic:   II, 1916
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