April 14, 2010 (40th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Josée Beaudin

Bloc Québécois

Mrs. Josée Beaudin (Saint-Lambert, BQ)

moved for leave to introduce Bill C-507, An Act to amend the Financial Administration Act (federal spending power).
Mr. Speaker, I have the immense pleasure today of presenting my very first bill, which deals with the federal spending power. For decades, all Quebec governments have demanded that encroachment cease in matters that should concern Quebec and Quebec only. That is the purpose of this bill.
It would explicitly abolish the power that the federal government has given itself to introduce an automatic and unconditional right to opt out with full financial compensation and would establish permanent compensation in the form of the transfer of tax room. In order for the recognition of the Quebec nation to be more than just an empty gesture, the federal government must stop imposing programs on Quebec that belong under Quebec jurisdiction and must collaborate in good faith to transfer to Quebec the means and resources it needs to makes its own social, economic and cultural decisions.
The time has come to put words into action and not to limit the federal spending power but to eliminate it completely.
(Motions deemed adopted, bill read the first time and printed)

Topic:   Routine Proceedings
Subtopic:   Federal Spending Power Act
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